Yet Another Podcast: What is this Startup Evangelist thing?

In celebration of my 1 year anniversary with Microsoft, I sat down with the man that started it all: Jesse Liberty, to attempt to answer the question, “what exactly does an Evangelist for Startups do?”

Yet Another Podcast
Yet Another Podcast #30: Abby Fichtner–Microsoft Evangelist

Abby Fichtner is a Microsoft Evangelist specializing in startups in the New England area.  She joined Microsoft recently after a fateful discussion with Jesse at CodeMash 2010, and discusses Startups, Agile programming and being a Microsoft Evangelist.


One response to “Yet Another Podcast: What is this Startup Evangelist thing?”

  1. Good stuff Abby! .. I just recently wrote about hack to obtain early evangelists, you should check it out 🙂

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