Where Does Developer Testing End and Tester Testing Begin?

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Thanks so much to all of the awesome people who attended Nate Oster & I’s workshop at Agile 2009.

We used games and ideas to look at how testers and programmers can really work together on agile projects in ways that makes sense on our teams. [Click Read More….. to view the slides]

In agile, we love to talk about “all together” but the truth is a lot of times our teams are structured in ways that force us into testing smells that make it really hard for us to succeed, no matter how hard we try. Things like:

  • Testing at the end
  • Repeating manual tests
  • Using testers as a safety-net
  • Not aligning rewards with goals
  • Programmers & testers not working towards the same goal

You can view our slides below. I’ll try to post more about these smells in the coming weeks.  And if there’s one thing I learned from Agile 2009, it’s the power of ideas when you’re working with brilliant and passionate people, of which we have so many in this field.  So, would really love to hear your thoughts on these concepts.  How can we make them better and how do we take them to the next level?

What do you think: How do the programmers & testers work together on your projects? How do we get programmers & testers pairing effectively on projects?

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