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Day 1 of Road Trip! HackerChick style

Packing, loading, and driving to Atlanta to pick up the RV.

Left one night later than planned as Brian got sick. First time in the two and half years we’ve gone out that he’s been sick, and it happens the day before we’re supposed to leave. Right, Murphy.

But, in fairness, I wasn’t feeling great either – think we both wore ourselves out a bit frantically getting ready for our month long drive around country. One month! No real plans, no idea where we’re staying each night, no prior experience with RVs. Hell, I’ve never even been inside of an RV before and yet we’ve rented one site unseen for the entire month of August. Well, no time like the present!

Spent the day finishing up packing and me freaking out that there was no way we could possibly fit everything we wanted to take with us for the month into the Forester.  But, with amazingly good luck, we managed to fit it all in and still had so much room that Brian threw in his guitar for good measure.

Aimed to leave at 7pm, just after rush hour. Well, almost. Brian put in some last minute security measures at home including a security camera we could watch over the internet and lights in each room that will go on and off on a randomized schedule. Great!

Hit the road at 9pm. Almost immediately hit a complete and total traffic standstill. Like seriously, 15 minutes out the door and we’re not moving At All. Screw this. Who cares that we’ve got a Forester jam packed with all of our favorite belongings and a bike rack on the back holding two of our beloved bikes. Over the medium, U-Turn, and off the entrance ramp to 495.

Ok, skip 495. 93 to 95 to 90 (Mass Pike).

Drove thru Mass, New York, Jersey, and finally stopped for night at 3am a little before the PA border.

Triple locked up bikes on bike rack. Lugged majority of our months-worth-of-luggage into our overnight motel room while weirdo lady who worked there stood outside and watched us. Now it’s 4:30am so need to get up in about 5 hours to make 11am checkout and back on the road. Pillows are miserable.

Motel room

Drove a little over 300 miles today… 800 to go to Atlanta to pick up our RV.

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