The Maker Movement: Creating a New Democracy

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One of my favorite sessions at SXSW was by Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop (a community of makerspaces) & author of The Maker Movement Manifesto, on how the maker democracy is spurring innovation…

Jet Packs!

Karen Snyder didn’t like the options out there for measuring knitting needles. So, she took a $60 laser cutting class and built a better needle gauge herself. It was so popular that within a year she was able to replace her six-figure job with her own company built around what she loves.

When David Lang lost his job, he had zero maker skills. So, he signed up for 6 months of classes at TechShop and used this knowledge to create his own underwater robot company! How cool is that?

Andy Filo has 30 years of design and manufacturing experience. But, damnit, he wanted that jet pack that had been promised to him in magazines when he was a kid. So, he used the machines and tooling at TechShop to build himself one.

The maker movement is not just spurring innovation, it’s creating an entirely new democracy. It’s enabling us to create what we love, scrap our corporate jobs, and help make the world a more fantastical place for all the beautiful, wondrous things we’re creating.