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Abby completely changed the way I think about approaching innovation.

She was engaging, informative, and absolutely inspiring. Abby brings a fresh, unique perspective that helped my team think differently about how to approach innovation. Abby successfully bridges the gap between the corporate world and the start-up world to connect the dots in a way that’s relevant, accessible and incredibly inspiring.”

– Perry Witmer (Innovation & Emerging Brands @ PepsiCo)

Abby brings an enthusiasm, and sense of responsibility that brings any effort she joins to a win. With Abby on your team, you can be assured that any obstacles will be quickly tackled and addressed. Everyone will immediately feel the impact of her insight, initiative, and leadership.”

– Mary Vogel, Project Manager

“Abby is really smart, caring, responsible, and pretty much capable of figuring anything out. She knows the digital world as well as anyone, and as importantly, she understands business.

If you’re looking for a tech savvy partner to drive your venture forward (who is also a pleasure to work with), look no further.

– Chris Colbert (Director of Harvard Innovation Lab)

One of THE most memorable women I’ve ever met. Abby’s character, humbleness, integrity and authenticity are truly inspiring.”

– Marie Burns, Entrepreneur

“I’m so inspired by Abby’s insights into innovation, imagination, tinkering, curiosity, learning. This is a perfect keynote to kick off Agile Testing Days.

Thanks Abby for reminding us to be ourselves & face fears & learn.

– Lisa Crispin, Author of Agile Testing

Abby was really inspiring. She has so much positive energy – this is amazing!”

– MIT student

We just wanted to express our most sincere thanks for everything you have done for our team.

You have been our biggest proponent from the beginning and for that we are so grateful. From your talk that really helped us to get our project off the ground, to the technical advice and support you have provided us this summer as we iterated, you have really been such a big part of every step of our journey.

We are so excited to keep moving forward and unbelievably thankful. It has been such a blessing, and we have learned and grown so much. The progress we have made is truly astounding, and we are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish. We could not have come this far without your aid.”

– Nicki, Conor & Kazuma, Harvard Innovation Lab team

Working with Abby was nothing less than fantastic. Her passion for the work shines through with every detail.”

– Marcy Montanaro, Marketing & Operations

Abby is an energetic, positive, creative-minded individual who obviously loves what she does, and it shows in her work. It was a delight to work with her!

Her work is truly world-class, from project inception all the way through to post-delivery support. She is masterful at setting realistic expectations but also delight and inspire her clients. Her creative touch infuses everything, and it leads to quite wonderful end results. If there’s a Midas Touch for UX, she’s got it.”

– Brian Kelly, VP of Engineering

Oh my gosh – life changing. Totally practical and very inspiring”

– Agile 2013 workshop attendee

“You were a huge hit! You are inspirational and it’s a very special opportunity to hear from you. We’re incredibly fortunate to have you as part of the Boston eco-system. The success of our student entrepreneurs is a direct result of insights provided by you and others in the community and we remain ever grateful for your time, talents, and knowledge.”

– The Boston College Venture Competition

“Thank you for your continued support and for your dedication to us as entrepreneurs. We would not have been encouraged to continue on this path without you.

– Asma Jaber, Startup Founder

“It’s difficult to property thank you all for our incredible 15 months at the iLab. During that time we built an entire ranking algorithm from scratch, spent 4 months beta testing, launched on the App Store, and since have had over 5 million articles read on the app!

Busy time for sure, but I think it’s safe to say that the iLab was a game-changer for us. I truly could not think of a better setting, community, and eco-system to help us get off the ground.”

– Max Campion, Startup Founder

Thanks so much for your thoughtful advice and guidance! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Peter Bull & Greg Lipstein, Startup Co-Founders

Thank you for all you have done for us. From help on our website to event invitations to the amazing Twitter shout-outs, having your support has been so great! The i-lab has truly been essential to our successes so far, and we are so excited to see what all awaits us & with all your help, we believe more than we could have imagined.”

– Laura and Rose, Startup Co-Founders

“I understand why Abby was chosen as the Keynote speaker. She’s truly passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential through new software and community building”

– A-Ha! Social Media Summit keynote attendee

“I recommend Abby highly! Abby is a great engineer and incredibly brilliant person. I would gladly hire her again, and the instant I have an opportunity to work with her I will.”

– Tom Des Jardins, Startup Founder

“We had all of the participants fill out a post-conference feedback form, and your workshop was actually the most highly rated event of the conference (Not that I was surprised when I heard this because your presentation was absolutely amazing).”

– National Collegiate Research Conference at Harvard University

“Abby gave an awesome talk on innovation and agile principles. Of all the speakers we’ve had, I think Abby’s was easily the best.

– Vistaprint workshop attendee

Abby is great! One of the most memorable

– Harvard Innovation Lab attendee