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  • How to Create a Kick Ass Team

    “How many of you have been on a team in a state of shared vision?” This is the question Jim McCarthy used to kick off last night’s Agile Boston presentation. “Now, stay standing if you thought that team was at least 2x as effective as a team without one… 5x more effective… 10x more effective.” …

  • Where Does Developer Testing End and Tester Testing Begin?

    Thanks so much to all of the awesome people who attended Nate Oster & I’s workshop at Agile 2009. We used games and ideas to look at how testers and programmers can really work together on agile projects in ways that makes sense on our teams. [Click Read More….. to view the slides]

  • Plane Crashes, Software Failures, and other Human Errors

    Plane Crashes, Software Failures, and other Human Errors

    What can we learn about team effectiveness by observing teams whose performance can — quite literally — mean the difference between life and death?

  • Beautiful Teams

    Last Tuesday, Andrew Stellman and Jenny Greene came to the Boston SPIN to talk about Beautiful Teams, the topic of a wonderful book they’ve just published. A book I believe Scott Berkun captured best when he said, "Stop complaining about your coworkers. Instead, get your team and your boss to read Beautiful Teams." And of…

  • The (Schedule) Games Managers Play

    I went to see Johanna Rothman speak last week at the Software Quality Group of New England. I like Johanna because, as an expert in management, she can spot a line of management B.S. from a mile away. I don’t have this skill. As a coder, my special power is spotting crappy code. If another…

  • How Managers Get So Stupid

    I just got back from a presentation by Robin Goldsmith on How Managers Get So Stupid held by the Software Quality Group of New England, which I thought made a rather interesting point about… well, the rest of us. Imagine the boss walks up to you and says, "I want you to build me a…