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  • My Story from the Women in Tech Trenches

    My Story from the Women in Tech Trenches

    Elise Kovi from SoftArtisans interviewed me for their Women in Tech series. Reposting here with their permission: This is the ninth in a series of posts exploring the personal stories of real women in technology. Every woman in tech overcame, at the very least, statistical odds to be here; this blog series aims to find…

  • Hack the Planet

    Hack the Planet

    After an amazing couple of years at Microsoft as their Evangelist for Startups, I found myself ready to move on. To step it up. I fell in love with Boston’s startup community and wanted to do more. I spent months trying to figure out what my next thing would be. Talking to to people, brainstorming…

  • Why “Hacker” ?

    Why “Hacker” ?

    When I think of hackers, I don’t think about people who break into voting machines or steal credit card data. I think of people who change the world.

  • Follow Your Own Path

    Follow Your Own Path

    Wanted to share my keynote from last week’s A-Ha! Social Media Summit. My marching orders for this were: “Abby – We just want you to give the people what they want: A fun, entertaining, inspirational, idea-filled *POW*!” So, just to set the stage – this is just me, tellin’ my story and sharing what I…

  • Yet Another Podcast: What is this Startup Evangelist thing?

    In celebration of my 1 year anniversary with Microsoft, I sat down with the man that started it all: Jesse Liberty, to attempt to answer the question, “what exactly does an Evangelist for Startups do?” Abby Fichtner is a Microsoft Evangelist specializing in startups in the New England area.  She joined Microsoft recently after a…

  • Evangelist Chick: Preachin’ the Good Word to Devs

    Evangelist Chick: Preachin’ the Good Word to Devs

    I wrote the start of this post after returning from a full day of interviews, what Microsoft has endearingly termed Finals Day… I had no idea I’d actually get to post it now, 2 weeks later, as I get ready to start this awesome new job… I just got back from my Finals Day with…