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And now for something completely different… 

I’m about to have my first ever RV adventure!! And, in true I-hate-planning HackerChick style, went about this all Ready-Fire-Aim. But now! It’s about to start so thought I’d share my adventure with all of you out there who are stuck at your keyboards, yearning for a life off the grid in the great outdoors.

So – okay, how does a HackerChick end up in spending a month in an RV? Well, it all started because I wanted to spend a few weeks driving around the country with my boyfriend Brian, seeing new places, getting outdoors, taking photos, flying our drone.

It never occurred to me to get an RV. I was thinking, we’ll rent a car and stay at cheap motels we find along our route. Then, Brian told me about these “conversion vans”. Still not quite sure what they are but I heard some have refrigerators and microwaves in them. WHAT? That’s amazing! The thought of eating out for several weeks straight is a nightmare so was really excited. And then the more I found – how in the world are their SHOWERS in vans?? This is nuts. Must find a way to rent, borrow or steal one.

So all psyched up and then…. [play sad music] someone tells me that to use an RV or – well, a van with a microwave and shower – you have to stay at RV camps surrounded by hundreds of other RVs. And even worse, you have to reserve your spots months in advance.

Okay, total sucksville. Was uber bummed and almost gave up the idea because the whole point of the trip was to be spontaneous and out in the wild.

But then! [insert happy music] I learned about boondocking! That’s a fancy word RV’ers use to talk about being able to use their RV without RV campgrounds. Apparently, campgrounds have become such the norm that RV’ing without them is actually considered weird. Which, seems super backwards to me. But, okay – cool, back to plan!

Next up: RV Share – it’s like AirBnB for RVs. We fell in love with an awesome little Winnebago View Profile (ok, yes, for those of you paying attention we’ve now advanced from rental car to camper van to full-on RV) and reserved it right away!

Nevermind that it’s located a 16 hour drive from us. We’re going to be driving anyway, right?!

So – about to head off for a month on the road. Stay tuned and I’ll be sharing our adventures here through text, photos and drone (and GoPro and maybe even some dashcam) videos.

P.S. Even though I wrote this at home before leaving, I’m actually posting it from the passenger seat, hurling down the highway at 80mph, from my new laptop, tethered to the internet through a rooted phone, tunneled through my home desktop, ssh’ed into my server on Digital Ocean. Just cuz, well, why not?

Follow all of our exploits on HackerChick under Triptastic

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