People == Awesome

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You might have seen on the internets that I got into a fight last week with an organization who preys on entrepreneurs. I was pissed at the organization for taking advantage of my people. And then I was saddened and frustrated when I got so many emails from people thanking me because they had been thinking of doing business with the miserable organization. What are we doing wrong when vultures like this are able to come in and take advantage of our community?!

And while I’ve been blown away by the outpouring of support, it leaves you… well, okay, me, feeling a little bit “WTF is wrong with people?Seriously.” (sigh) which is not who I am nor the thoughts I want ever ever to be in my head.

And then… this is so unreal and yet, boom! the beauty of the world.

Within two days of my fight exploding onto the pages of PandoDaily, two packages arrive at my door from two completely different people who have absolutely nothing to do with any of this mess.

The first, this is incredible, is this humongous care package that someone I’ve never met — never even spoken to beyond a very short message exchange on Reddit — sent me. She liked a recipe I posted for hot & sour soup and suggested that it might be even better with Chinese lily buds. “Do you,” she asked, “get them in the US?” Well, no, I didn’t think so. So okay, interesting, but that should have been the end of the story, right?

But, instead of ending it right there saying “oh well, thanks for the recipe!” her response is to send me this care package filled — not just with Chinese lily buds — but with all sorts of exotic ingredients that she has access to in the UK but doesn’t think I could find in the US. Just like that. One tiny exchange on Reddit and boom, I get this care package of wonderful at my doorstep from all the way across the ocean.

That arrived the day after PandoDaily.

And then, if you’ve fully absorbed the awesome of that, the Very Next Day I get another care package — from another person I don’t know at all beyond a single conversation. This person had found my blog and emailed me asking for a few minutes of time to help with a project he was working on. I was crazy busy with the Business of Software conference and so I tried to put him off. “Can you reach back out after the conference?” Well, crazy — he shows up on the last day of the conference and I’ve got some time — so sure, let’s sit down. Turns out he’s completely awesome and I assure you I enjoyed and got just as much if not more out of the conversation then he did. And again, interesting, but that should be the end of the story, right?

But, of course, it’s not. Because this person decides he wants to return the favor. While we were talking, I’d mentioned I was trying to write a book but struggling with it. So, boom, day after the Chinese lily buds, there’s a care package from him with another book we’d talked about that I thought would help me — he just sent me his copy. And then, because that’s not enough, a workbook he’d gotten from Seth Godin called Ship It: A little pamphlet for people who can. We’re both big Seth Godin fans, and so, what better than a little help from a hero in writing my book? All of this, wrapped up with a hand written thank you note which is so unexpectedly touching in this world of everything digital.

I’m not going to lie. In the aftermath of the fight, having two random and completely amazing care packages from people I don’t even know who had no reason to send them other than that people just fucking rock… it restores all that is wondrous with my faith in the world.

People == Awesome.

Never allow anyone to let you forget that.