More LINQ Goodness: Now with WPF!

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Apologies for the slow down in posts, I’ve been head’s down in code bringing you more tutorials on LINQ to SQL and LINQ Tutorials with WPFhow to use it with my current obsession, Windows Presentation Foundation.

It has now been expanded into 3 parts – aka, everything you ever-never wanted to know about LINQ to SQL:

  1. Mapping Tables to Objects
  2. Adding/Updating/Deleting Data
  3. WPF Data Binding with LINQ to SQL

These tutorials describe how to manually map your classes to database tables with LINQ to SQL so you can have support for M:M relationships as well as WPF data binding using my own hack workaround solution to providing this functionality. One person even claimed my code was cleaner then the auto-generated code, but I’ll leave that for you to decide yourself.

But… even if you do choose to auto-generate your classes, understanding how these techniques work will allow you to expand the code to better fit your application’s needs and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

I hope these help you out in your own encounters with LINQ to SQL!