Lean Startup 101 for Everyone

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The intersection of students & startups is a really happy place for me and so it’s been awesome that I’ve gotten to teach students about how to do startups at four (!) different universities over the last 4 weeks (yes, it’s been a whirlwind!). MIT, Harvard, London Business School and Northeastern. Developers, designers, business students, scientists, engineers – all  coming together around the excitement of creating their own startups.

To celebrate, I decided it was about time to create some new content – including this new Lean Startup 101 that I presented at Northeastern Entrepreneur Club’s Husky Startup Challenge this weekend – which was a ton of fun!

Here are the slides (and there’s a video of the presentation below):

And here’s a video of the presentation:

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  • chadholdorf

    Great stuff. Thank you for the video and slides. It really keeps me thinking.
    Maybe my only question is, I keep seeing – Startups are NOT small versions of large organizations. While I agree with your point, I feel like many programs we run are like a startup. No one has ever done it. I think you can take Lean Canvas and apply it to a risky program and achieve better results using an easier process. That’s my experiment I’m running. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Love your blog! Thanx for the post!