Indistinguishable From Magic

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2011-08-Indistinguishable From MagicA couple of months ago, Fantasy Magazine approached me to write a non-fiction piece for them on how computers in the real world compare to those in the movies. I decided to write about some of the really mind-blowing technologies we’ve got that would blow those sci fi writers away.

Had a ton of fun writing it – hope it’s as fun to read as it was to write:

Indistinguishable From Magic

This is the story of two worlds and the beings that inhabit them. One of these is our world. The one we can see and feel. The world of the “users.” It lies on our side of the video screen.


The other, an electronic micro-civilization, lives and breathes just beyond our grasp. This is the world of the programs. Because we, the users, have created this new world, part of us lives there too… On the other side of the screen.

When it came out in 1982, TRON introduced us to a flashy, neon-drenched world of computers and hackers. A world where computer programs were fantastical beings with minds of their own that we could interact with.

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What do YOU think are the coolest new technologies that we’re seeing here on this side of the screen?