The Game of Life: Path to Success
shake things up. cause a disturbance.

Wanted to share my keynote from last week’s A-Ha! Social Media Summit. My marching orders for this were:

“Abby – We just want you to give the people what they want: A fun, entertaining, inspirational, idea-filled *POW*!”

So, just to set the stage – this is just me, tellin’ my story and sharing what I believe: that you should forget what others think of success and instead, do the crazy thing and stray off that path of success in order to follow your own passions. Because I believe that when you do that, you’re gonna rock it.

I started with a TED-style 15 minute talk:

Followed by an exercise to help everyone discover their own path that involved lots of 3×5 cards, a little creativity and – I hope – some awesome connecting with others.

“To change one’s life: Start Immediately. Do it Flamboyantly. No Exceptions.” – William James

You can find the full slide deck here: Follow Your Own Path.

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