Embracing imperfection

So if you’ve been following along, you know I’m in the middle of this 30 posts in 30 days challenge. Which, as a die-hard perfectionist who tends to blog more like 30 posts in 30 months…. well, is a challenge.

My biggest challenge is allowing myself to put together a quick post to share my thoughts, as opposed to spending 5–6 hours to fully flesh out every idea to the nth degree, complete with perfect accompanying art work, before posting it.

and a bit of irony…

My third-ever post on Hacker Chick was called More Pots Make Us Better. It tells the story of an art teacher who divided her pottery class into 2 groups…

For the first group, she told the students that their final exam was to make the best pot they possibly could and they’d be graded on its quality.


For the second group, she said that for their final exam they were to produce as many pots as they possibly could. Quality didn’t matter, their grade would be based solely on quantity.

So, the semester comes to an end and the teacher is grading the assignments and wouldn’t you know but the absolute best, most exquisite pots were created from that 2nd group — the ones who were told not to worry about quality.

You see, in creating so many pots, their skills improved at an alarming rate, they got better and better with each one — without even trying!

Clearly, ten-year-later-Abby is still struggling with this one. Clearly, I need to make more pots.

So — here goes!


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