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Fuck being an unappreciated cog in the wheel. I created The Creativity Lab for techies who are done with all that and ready to claim their place as the legit, creative badass that they are.

Because, here’s the thing. As techies, we create the magic that powers the world. No one should be able to hold us back from that. And yet, as soon as we get really good at what we do, it’s like the world doesn’t know what to do with us. Where we fit. We end up in roles that don’t even begin to tap our full potential.


Hello, Walmart?

You can call up Walmart and ask about their career opportunities for greeters.

OR you can get out of your comfort zone, create something that actually uses your true potential, and use that to step into the work that you really want to be doing.

The work that the world really needs from you.

The Legit, Creative, Badass You

When you picture the legit, creative badass version of yourself – what are you doing? What are you known for? What are you creating?

It could be technical or non-technical. Software or robots. Books or businesses. Blogs, videos, podcasts. Art, music, design. Leading communities, teaching…

Life is not an adventure till it starts scaring you shitless - gapingvoid

The Creativity Lab

The Creativity Lab is a community of people in tech who’ve replaced living on auto-pilot with living their adventure.

It’s a place to bounce ideas around, share what you’re doing, get advice, gain encouragement, get feedback, and Get Shit Done.

It’s our sanctuary away from the naysayers of the world who don’t like anything different.

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