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After 3 years at Harvard Innovation Lab helping students to create amazing technology and startups, I now help individuals to:

  • Tap into their true potential to create work they’re proud of
  • Create innovative products and companies
  • Launch profitable side hustles 
  • Become recognized experts in their industry
  • Move into the work they really want to be doing

What if you could follow your curiosity into an ever-expanding world of creativity, learning, possibility and potential?

I’m currently in the process of updating my offerings for 2018. If you’re interested in learning more about working with me:


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What’s it like to work with Abby?

“Abby completely changed the way I think about approaching innovation. She was engaging, informative, and absolutely inspiring. Abby brings a fresh, unique perspective that helped my team think differently about how to approach innovation.”
– Perry Witmer (Innovation & Emerging Brands, PepsiCo)

“In short, Abby is really smart, caring, responsible, and pretty much capable of figuring anything out. She knows the digital world as well as anyone, and as importantly, she understands business. If you’re looking for a tech savvy partner to drive your venture forward (who is also a pleasure to work with), look no further.”
– Chris Colbert (Director of Harvard Innovation Lab)

“Abby brings an enthusiasm, and sense of responsibility that brings any effort she joins to a win. With Abby on your team, you can be assured that any obstacles will be quickly tackled and addressed.”
– Mary Vogel, Project Manager

“Abby is an energetic, positive, creative-minded individual who obviously loves what she does, and it shows in her work. It was a delight to work with her!”
– Brian Kelly, Engineer

“One of THE most memorable women I’ve ever met. Abby’s character, humbleness, integrity and authenticity are truly inspiring.”
– Marie Burns, Entrepreneur

“Working with Abby was nothing less than fantastic. Her passion for the work shines through with every detail.”
– Marcy Montanaro, Marketing and Operations

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I can’t wait to see you succeed. Let’s get going!

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