Check It Out: Micromanagement, TDD, and NonsenseGoodness on the Internets:

An Open Letter to Micromanagers by Scott Berkun.

“Owners of thoroughbreds never stop their horses during a race, every ten seconds, to remind  the horse and jockey how to run, where the finish line is, or that it’d be a good idea to finish first. Why? It would slow them down. Only an idiot would do this…”

and so begins Scott’s letter to micromanagers everywhere. Complete with a link to anonymously send the letter to your favorite micromanager and signed, Hugs and Kisses, The People You are Micromanaging.  I love this guy.

TDD Triage.  Bob Martin addresses a number of questions around Test-Driven Development, hopefully dispelling some of the  religious extremist views on the topic and showing where TDD works and where it doesn’t. These include:

  • Is TDD a replacement for architecture? (Nope)
  • Is TDD a replacement for design? (Not even)
  • Should TDD be used for every line of code? (Usually, but… actually, no)

How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect. Alright, this is just awesome and reminiscent of Kathy Sierra’s suggestions to insert a little randomness into what we do. A NY Times article explains the science behind why nonsense and randomness actually help us understand things better. And, with that advice, I’ll end this here.

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