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  • F*ck what other people want. What do YOU want?

    F*ck what other people want. What do YOU want?

    I have a confession to make. There’s something that’s never quite sat right with me about Lean Startup.

  • Evolution is the ultimate hacker

    Evolution is the ultimate hacker

    If you want to push the edge on what’s possible then you should look to the true original gangsta of innovation as your role model.

  • Beautiful Fashions in Tech

    My latest fascination is wearables and every now and then I stumble upon something truly beautiful, which which gives me hope for what is to come. Just wrote this piece as a Tech Expert for to share seven of my favorites… Get ready for the third wave of computing where technology moves from nerdy…

  • The Ideation Framework

    The Ideation Framework

    Josh Wexler gave an awesome workshop at Agile2013 on The Ideation Framework for helping teams rapidly think through and prototype new ideas. We used it to each come up with our own idea of a better travel site. 50 people in the room, 50 totally different ideas/approaches arrived at, all in about an hour –…

  • Agile Mindset for Your Startup

    I got to share the stage with the other half last week at Harvard Innovation Lab, when Jeffrey Beir & I took turns presenting dueling views on building your startup. Myself from the product perspective, Jeffrey from the investor’s viewpoint. While we had clearly different opinions, one thing we both agreed on was that if…

  • So You Want To Do a Startup? [Teaser]

    So… you want to do a startup? Come see my talk at Agile 2013! Here’s a teaser… So, You Want to do a Startup? from Abby Fichtner, Hacker Chick on Vimeo.

  • Startup Validation Hacks

    Is your startup going to be a business… or a hobby? How can you tell?! Below is a video of the presentation I did at Harvard Innovation Lab last month – I initially called it Creating Your Minimum Viable Product, but it’s really about: how can I validate that I’m creating a viable business (as…

  • 5 Awesome MVP Examples

    In my last post, I shared my How To Build Your MVP presentation that I gave at Harvard. But of course I get it’s a little hard without the voice over… so, here’s a walk through for some of the MVP examples from real startups. If you have more, it’d be awesome if you could…

  • How to Build an MVP

    The week before I started at Harvard Innovation Lab, I was there as a guest lecturer – giving a talk on How to Build Your MVP to a bunch of Harvard undergrads who were working on creating – for many – their very 1st startups. I wanted to show them that they didn’t have to…

  • Lean Startup 101 for Everyone

    The intersection of students & startups is a really happy place for me and so it’s been awesome that I’ve gotten to teach students about how to do startups at four (!) different universities over the last 4 weeks (yes, it’s been a whirlwind!). MIT, Harvard, London Business School and Northeastern. Developers, designers, business students,…