Blog Update!

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Decided The Hacker Chick Blog needed a bit of a face lift. Nothing major – just hopefully a little cleaner, maybe a little more playful. Hope you like. A couple things:

  • I finally managed to update my About to reflect that I’m no longer at Microsoft (yeah, I’m a bit behind) and to use a picture of me that’s not as old as my blog is (ahem).
  • Added a link (up top) to my slideshare where I’ve been putting several of my presentations. If there’s one you’d like but don’t see, just ask.
  • Also to my resume, if you want to hire me to do awesome shit for the startup community, that’d be cool. Just sayin…

Finally, I pushed my WordPress theme up into github in case that’s useful to anyone creating their own theme. You can find it here:

That’s all for now. More posts coming soon. Until then – Happy New Year!

[Update 11/29 – I’ve moved The Hacker Chick Blog to instead of just having that redirect to the blog. If you were getting here through another URL, everything should start redirecting as soon as DNS propagates. If you’re having any issues though, just let me know.]