shake things up. cause a disturbance.

[part of my month-long Road Trip! HackerChick style…]

You’ve heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, right?

Yeah, okay. If I was a startup, I’d say

Like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, but with geese.

So I get up in the morning and I’m walking around this beautiful lake (this is before I’ve checked my phone). And, awww, look at all of those geese hanging out at the edge of the lake. How cute. I’ll get a picture.

Oh, hah – look at that – they’re all getting out of the water together. Great photo opportunity.

So there I am snapping pics before they run off.

Only… they’re not running off. And, in fact, one of them hisses at me.

What? That’s weird. Do geese hiss?

Maybe they don’t like having their picture taken.

Okay. I get it. I guess I’m bothering them, which of course wasn’t my intent, so I’ll be on my way.

I start walking away. But… I get this funny feeling. You know, like when someone’s watching you?

Holy shit. Oh my god, they’re all following me. That’s hilarious, until… one hisses at me again.

Uh. Ok, I’m maybe getting a little bit weirded out.

If they’re going to stalk me and hiss at me… how comfortable am I turning my back on this pack of 20 hissing geese?

I keep walking backwards so I can keep an eye on them, but speed up my pace.

The geese speed up to match my pace.

I go faster.

They go faster.

Okay, this is getting creepy now.

So, I do the only thing I know.

Press record on my camera.

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