What are you afraid to admit you’re afraid of?

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9 days until I move into this beautiful sanctuary that will be my new home!

And, as I look to push myself to the next level — new & improved home, new & improved business — I want to do something that is uniquely me. Something wonderful and delightful that I can do while looking out over my koi.

Something that follows Jeff Goins’ advice in If you can’t be the best, change the category,

“You are either the best or you’re irrelevant. So why not be the best?”


Only… what would that look like?

What am I the best at?

And so I’m reading books and listening to podcasts.

What what what?

I joined a group for – okay, please don’t laugh – spiritual coaches. In my defense, I didn’t realize that’s what it was for when I signed up. I just liked what the lady who runs the program had to say. And it’s actually pretty cool hearing a completely 180 degree different perspective then what you hear as an engineer.

And so I’m trying to listen to all of these different perspectives but it’s like having something right on the tip of your tongue… I feel like I know it, only… I don’t. Why is it so hard to figure out what our own beautiful thing is when it’s so easy to see it in others?

I keep hearing this term “zone of genius.” I don’t know what that means so I googled and found this TEDx talk from Laura Garnett:

“We each have a unique approach to the work we do that is specific to us. This specificity is our super power. It’s what we do best…. it’s living up to our full potential.”

Yes! This. If I can just figure this out, it will all become clear.

Only… here’s the catch.

To uncover your zone of genius, Laura says we need to ask the people we’ve worked with before what they think our super power is.

I’d need to go ask people, “how has working with me impacted your life?”

And I fear, as I hear this, that I will never uncover my zone of genius.

Because I am too terrified of this question. Too terrified to ask people, because… what if I’ve had no impact on their life at all?

I’m too terrified to ask… so I thought I’d try instead announcing my fear to the world.

Because sometimes, when we do that, it loses it’s hold over us. And then maybe I’ll be able to go find my zone of genius after all.