My TEDx Talk: Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You


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I believe there is little more awesome then inspiring others to push the edge on what’s possible.

I have had the joy of giving conference keynotes, workshops for organizations including PepsiCo, Microsoft and Oracle, and guest lectures for universities including MIT, Harvard Business School, and London School of Business.

I speak on:

Innovation, Creativity, Startups, Community, and
Pushing the Edge on What’s Possible


My secret sauce is:

  • 1 cup Inspiration
  • 2 cups pragmatic how-to Get Shit Done
  • Sprinkle liberally with learning from one another through hands-on workshops & discussions



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Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You



How to Build Innovative Technologies

Harvard CS50 — Intro to Computer Science


Engineers 4 Engineers Developer Conference


Pushing the Edge on What’s Possible
(aka “How to Be a Hacker”)

Keynote, Agile Testing Days Germany


Innovative Technology

National Collegiate Research Conference


Strategic Risk Taking:
Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs




Perspectives on the Coming Connected World

CreateTech Panel on Internet of Things


Lean Startup:
Getting out there & Changing the World

Startup Institute


Lean Startup Applied:
Building New Products for New Markets

Boston SPIN


So You Want To Do A Startup!

Agile 2013 Workshop


Discovering the Right Product for Your Startup

Harvard Innovation Lab


Lean Startup: A Founder’s Guide

MIT — The Founder’s Journey


How to Build Your MVP

Winter XCelerate Workshop


Creating Your Minimum Viable Product (“Startup Validation Hacks”)

Harvard Innovation Lab


HBS Case Study on Tech Startups

Harvard Business School


What People are Saying


“I’m so inspired by Abby’s insights into innovation, imagination, tinkering, curiosity, learning… This is a perfect keynote to kick off Agile Testing Days. Thanks Abby for reminding us to be ourselves & face fears & learn.”

“Oh my gosh – life changing session. Totally practical and very inspiring”


“Loved it”

“Wow. That really makes one rethink a few things”

“Abby was exciting and very relevant”

“A lot of passion and energy, fun, precise”

“Abby was really inspiring. She has so much positive energy – this is amazing!“

“I understand why she was chosen as the Keynote speaker. She’s truly passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential through new software and community building”

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