30 Days of Getting Shit Done

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Screw New Years Resolutions. If you really want to get shit done in 2018, join us in the Tech Misfits Creativity Lab for 30 Days of Getting Shit Done.

It’s free, it’s fun, you’ll get to do it alongside the elite tech misfits (remember that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with), and it’s a great way to kick 2018 off as your year of badassery.

Watch the video and thenĀ request to join tech-misfits here.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: Pick one thing you REALLY want to do

Something that’s been calling to you. Something that’s new & cool & a little of out of your comfort zone. Something that other boring people would say “what? I don’t get it? why would you want to do that?” Cuz – you’re NOT boring. You’re a tech misfit.

Step 2. Commit to working on it Every Single Day

from January 1 – January 30. Some days you’ll be able to spend a bunch of time (awesome!) other days not so much – that’s cool too. You just need to do SOMETHING (2 minutes!) each day to keep the momentum going.

Step 3. Check in each day

Each day (starting Jan 1), find the Getting Shit Done Day post in Tech Misfits and use that to record what you did today and what you’ll do next.

Step 4. Sit back and feel AMAZING about how much you’ve accomplished

Screw stupid new years resolutions, you’ve actually Gotten Shit Done because you rock!

Demo Day!

For those of you who make it all the way to the end we’ll do a Demo Day to showcase the awesome that you did.

Are you in?

If so – join us in Tech Misfits!

(Open to all techies who love creating!)