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innovation | creativity | future of work & educationshake things up. cause a disturbance.

Inciting creativity, excitement, and extraordinary results for the best of the best

You Shouldn’t Have to Choosebetween a great speaker and a legit one.

  • Inspire your teams to be full partners in your growth & innovation
  • Upgrade your culture
  • Energize your employees to draw on their full strengths and creativity
  • Challenge everyone to think in new ways
  • Be the 21st Century organization everyone wants to work for
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“The world evolves not from those who play by the rules, but from those who exploit the chaos of possibility”

Abby Fichtner

Inspire Your Teams to Action!

Abby’s Recipe

  • one partinspiration
  • two partspragmatic how to get sh*t donehow to get sh*t done
  • sprinkle liberally withexperiential learning & engagementexperiential learning
  • make it delicioustailored specially for youjust for you

… And Walk Away With

the tools you need to shake things up, raise the bar, and lead the changes in your industry.

Watch Abby Do Her Thing

Fear + Art = Greatness

The Infamous Hacker Chick

The King of Strikeouts

The Rules of Innovation

The interesting things coming from the Internet of Things

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That’s What She Said

“Abby completely changed the way I think about approaching innovation.

She was engaging, informative, and absolutely inspiring. Abby brings a fresh, unique perspective that helped my team think differently about how to approach innovation. Abby successfully bridges the gap between the corporate world and the start-up world to connect the dots in a way that’s relevant, accessible and incredibly inspiring.”

Perry Witmer. Innovation & Emerging Brands, PepsiCo


“In short, Abby is really smart, really caring, really responsible, and pretty much capable of figuring anything out. She knows the digital world as well as anyone, and as importantly, she understands business. If you are looking for a tech savvy partner to drive your enterprise forward (who is also a pleasure to work with), look no further.”

Chris Colbert. Managing Director, Harvard Innovation Labs

Harvard Innovation Labs

“Abby really helped me look at things from a different perspective – opening doors to what I previously thought was impossible.

Her session challenged us to think outside the box and unlock the passion behind why we do what we do and how adapting to change is key in order to keep up with the future of work. Moreover, it challenged leaders to create an environment of empowerment that fosters innovation.

Abby is a different mind — sharing her message in a “non-standard”, fresh, new way that I feel, really connects with people.”

Andy Krupit, CollabNet

Collabnet Versionone

Let’s Talk About…

Abby Fichtner works with some of the world’s top organizations and universities to incite creativity and spur extraordinary results.

Whether you’re looking to foster innovation, create a 21st Century workplace of engaged employees, or become a change leader in your industry — bringing in an expert who’s helped hundreds of companies do the same is a brilliant way to accelerate your results. Getting you where you want to go faster, and bringing excitement and fresh perspectives to rally your entire organization in your growth and success.

Contact Abby today for a free consultation and let’s talk about how we can make you a hero in your organization’s success.





Get Inspired Out of Your Comfort Zone

Inspire your teams, engage your employees, and challenge your people to think in new ways. Don’t choose between a great speaker and a legit one. Choose the one that delivers results.

Award Winning Innovator

25 years experience creating award-winning, innovative solutions.

Catalyst for Industry Leading Initiatives

Abby has helped Microsoft, Harvard, and many more realize their vision in creating first-of-their-kind initiatives.

Leader in Agile Organizational Behavior

Recognized as an industry leader in agile.

Educator for Top Universities

Guest lecturer and advisor for MIT and Harvard Business School.

Transformation Leader

Abby has led multi-million dollar transformation projects for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Department of Homeland Security.

Engaging, Informative, and Inspiring

Abby is known for consistently bringing a passion and enthusiasm that incites people to action.