Be Your Own Boss

So psyched! Am now working with individuals to help them turn their ideas into successful businesses -- as side projects or full time gigs.

Do What Makes You Happy

Lucy's Advice Booth: Psychiatric Help 5 cents

How To Start Your Own Business For Fun & Profit

Starting a Business is the New “New Job.” Learn how to start your own — as a side project or a full time gig. 

30 Days of Getting Shit Done

Screw New Years Resolutions. If you really want to get shit done in 2018, join us in the Tech Misfits Creativity Lab for 30 Days of Getting Shit Done. It’s free, it’s fun, you’ll get to do it alongside the elite tech misfits (remember that you are the average of the 5 people you spend […]

Do live life

The Creativity Lab for Tech Misfits (Join us!)

The Lab is now live! For techies who are done with being unappreciated cogs living on auto pilot and ready to start doing the work that they love.


The Era of Creativity

Forget everything you think that you know. None of it works anymore. 

Hiding kitten

What are you afraid to admit you’re afraid of?

I’m afraid that I will never find my zone of genius because this one thing leaves me terrified…

Cash Money

How To (Not) Get VC Funding for Your Startup

… with a bit of How To thrown in for good measure. So! This just happened…

Charles Darwin

Evolution is the ultimate hacker

If you’re interested in pushing the edge on what’s possible then you should look to evolution as a role model, because evolution is the ultimate hacker.

Artist with his paintings

What motivates you to create?

I’ve been asking developers what it is that motivates and excites them to write code in their spare time. The best answer I’ve gotten so far is from Brendan Kohler. To which, I exhibit zero surprise.

Where the Magic Happens

How can I help you to push the edge on what’s possible?

In packing to move to my new home (3 weeks!!!) I stumbled over a pile of thank you notes I’ve gotten from student hackers & entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with (seriously, students are the best. Hand-written thank you notes! Who does that?!). And all these memories came flooding back… I’ve been so crazy, over-the-top, fortunate […]


What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?

Ever wondered what makes some people natural entrepreneurs while others can… well, hold down a real job?