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Evangelist Chick: Preachin’ the Good Word to Devs

I wrote the start of this post after returning from a full day of interviews, what Microsoft has endearingly termed Finals Day… I had no idea I’d actually get to post it now, 2 weeks later, as I get ready to start this awesome new job… I just got back from my Finals Day with […]

More LINQ Goodness: Now With WPF

More LINQ Goodness: Now with WPF!

Apologies for the slow down in posts, I’ve been head’s down in code bringing you more tutorials on LINQ to SQL and how to use it with my current obsession, Windows Presentation Foundation. It has now been expanded into 3 parts – aka, everything you ever-never wanted to know about LINQ to SQL: Mapping Tables […]


A LINQ Tutorial

For the source code inclined in each of you, I just posted an application and tutorial on LINQ, .NET’s Language Integrated Query, on The Code Project. It shows how to map database tables to classes with LINQ and then retrieve the data in the very cool LINQ-manner that makes me ooh and ahh for doing […]

The Future is Now!

The Future is Now!

If you want to build the kind of science fiction, futuristic GUIs that only exist in TV and movies (think: Minority Report) then you want to be looking at Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WPF is Microsoft’s next generation API for developing applications and it’s possibilities really start to shine through when you look at Microsoft […]

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