I believe there is little more awesome then inspiring others to push the edge on what’s possible. Below is a sample of some of my past & upcoming talks.

Themes include: Agile, Lean, Startups, Innovation, Technology, Community

Check out my TEDx talk: Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You video


Harvard CS50: Introduction to Computer Science
How to Build Innovative Technologies

CreateTech 2014
Keynote Panel: Perspectives on the Coming Connected World

Boston College Venture Competition
The Lean Startup: First Steps for the Early-Stage Entrepreneur

Boston SPIN
Building New Products in New Markets

National Collegiate Research Conference, Harvard University
Innovative Technology



Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You video

“Amazing”, “Loved it”, “Wow. That really makes one rethink a few things”

Engineers4Engineers Developer Conference
How to Build Innovative Technologies video

MIT Global Startup Workshop, Morocco
New Media – How Companies Create Community

“most engaged panelist at the conference”

Harvard Hack Week
How To Build Your MVP (Chalk Talk)

Maine Startup and Create Week
We’re Not Silicon Valley and We’re OK: Lessons for Maine from Massachusetts

ONEin3 Boston — Break the Bubble
Tips & Tricks to Entering Boston’s Tech Ecosystem

National Collegiate Research Conference, Harvard University
Entrepreneurship Workshop

“Participants said you were one of the best presenters they had at the conference.”

Boston College Venture Competition
Lean Startups: A Success Blueprint for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Harvard Innovation Lab
Discovering the Right Product for Your Startup video

“Abby is great”, “She was exciting and very relevant”, “A lot of passion and energy, fun, precise”

Business of Software 2013
Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You video 

Constant Contact InnoTalk
Beyond the Startup: Being Lean in Startups & Beyond

Agile 2013
So You Want to Do a Startup!

“Oh my gosh – life changing session. Totally practical and very inspiring”

Harvard Innovation Lab
Vision to Viability: Agile Mindset for your Startup

Microsoft New England Research & Development
Agile for Startups

Harvard Innovation Lab
Creating Your Minimum Viable Product video

Hack Harvard
Coding Bootcamp: Build a Web App with Python

Startup Institute
Lean Startup: Getting out there & Changing the World

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
Get Your Business Online: You’ve got an awesome idea! Now what?

Northeastern University Husky Startup Challenge
Lean Startup 101

MIT Hacking IAP
Agile for Startups (Chalk Talk)

Boston World Partnerships
Evangelism — How to Be a Geek and a Rockstar

Babson Entrepreneurship Forum
Follow Your Own Path

MIT Founder’s Journey (guest lecture)
Lean Startup: A Founder’s Guide

“Abby was my favorite speaker that we have had so far. In addition to content, I really liked how receptive and open to everyone’s comments.”

“Thank you for coming into our class. I was surprised by how realistic and fundamentally pragmatic your presentation was.”

“Abby was really inspiring. She has so much positive energy – this is amazing!“

Agile for Startups

MIT Hacking IAP (guest lecture)
Agile for Startups

A-Ha Social Media Business Summit (Keynote)
Follow Your Own Path video 

“I understand why she was chosen as the Keynote speaker. She’s truly passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential through new software and community building”

Agile 2011
How Development Looks Different When You’re Changing the World

Boston Developer Groups
Lean Startup 101 for Developers video 

Agile 2010
Better Story Testing Through Dev-Tester Pairing  (hands-on ATDD workshop)

Agile Development Practices Conference
Concurrent Testing Games: Devs & Testers Working Together