luxury rv-thumb

Luxury in an RV Camp

Check out this peaceful little lakeside neighborhood we stayed at in Tennessee. Were we staying with friends at their house? Nope! Take a peak down those driveways… Our own little RV paradise, right on the lake. Complete with our own patio.


Boondocking! And a Run-In with the Park Rangers

We set out on this trip with very few goals. But one of them was to avoid RV campgrounds and park out in the wild (AKA “boondocking”). But the big question remained. How do we find places where it’s cool to park overnight? I mean, if we had a tent, it would be one thing. But we’ve got a whole motor home here. So we’ve been driving all day when we decide we better stop and find a place to camp out. It’s 10pm and we’re somewhere along the border between Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

Country Road in Tennessee Farm Country

Getting off the Highways

I’m not gonna lie. It’s pretty disorienting when you have no idea where you’re traveling each day or where you’ll be staying when you get there. The little bit of a plan we did have: Charleston, Savannah, then along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas, got botched by the terrible flooding.


Attack of the Geese

You’ve heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, right? Yeah, okay. If I was a startup, I’d say Like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, but with geese. So I get up in the morning and I’m walking around this beautiful lake (this is before I’ve checked my phone). And, awww, look at all of those geese hanging out at the edge of the lake. How cute. I’ll get a picture.

Lake Allatoona

1st Night with RV, Camping Next to Dead Body

This is part of my month-long Road Trip! HackerChick style… Our one day delay turned into two days… and then three. We were getting pretty sick of of our swank Atlanta hotel room, anxious to get out on the road to start the real part of our adventure. But, finally finally finally we pick up our beautiful RV and off we go! We […]

Georgia Aquarium

10 Million Gallons of Awesome

Georgia Aquarium. 10 million gallons of water (including their 6.3 million gallon aquarium of awesome). Tens of thousands of fish and other sea creatures. 2nd largest aquarium in the world. Enjoy!

Downtown Atlanta

A Saudi Arabian in Atlanta

One of the things we’re excited about on our trip is getting to meet people from different places who view the world in a totally different way. Of course, we’ve been thinking Southerners (confederate flags, rodeos, great big southern baptist churches, you get the idea)…

Atlanta from a hotel room

Stuck in Atlanta

Finally! Drove 1200 miles down to Atlanta to pick up this beauty… 2013 Winnebago View Profile. 25 foot Mercedes with Winnebago’s design foo for optimizing every square inch of a vehicle into comfortable living and including nifty little perks like — see those steps on the left below the side door? Every time you open the door, they automatically unroll for you like the red-carpet RV royalty that you are.

Cornfield Droning

Cornfield Droning, Rap & 800 Miles

18 hours. 800 miles. 7 states. One day. First up, Pennsylvania where we droned it up in a cornfield, complete with creepy abandoned house: (Maryland, Virginia – been there, done that, nothing to see here, moving along)

Abby & Brian on road trip to our road trip

Triptastic: Road Trip to our Road Trip

Packing, loading, and driving to Atlanta to pick up the RV. Left one night later than planned as Brian got sick. First time in the two and half years we’ve gone out that he’s been sick, and it happens the day before we’re supposed to leave. Right, Murphy.